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Communication Studies

Announcements & Updates

Our Diversity & Conversation event originally scheduled for Friday, February 26th has been rescheduled for Friday, March 26th from 2—4 p.m. If you have already registered, you're all set! If you have NOT registered, what are you waiting for? Register now.Comm Studies Diversity Workshop


Communication Studies TEDx Event

Saturday, February 13th

Theme: Amplify

Noise. The last year has been filled with it. Unfortunately, through all the noise, some ideas and voices are not heard. TEDxTexasStateUniversity is ready to AMPLIFY these voices. This virtual event featured innovative ideas from a variety of speakers who's talks embraced and amplified underrepresented voices, under-served communities, or ideas that we now take for granted. Our 2021 speakers came from diverse backgrounds who are driven to create change, solve problems, and question current standards. Our talks represented a variety of fields and perspectives including technology, health, the arts, media, social science, the humanities, and the hard sciences. We hope you joined us for a day of inspiration and conversation as we amplified ideas that can help us navigate our new reality. Help us cut through the noise.



Dr. Marian Houser Guest Speaks on NPR's "Airtalk"

The interview looks back at the impact of diminished physical touch as lockdown nears year mark.

"Touch may seem like it’s low down on the list of sacrifices the pandemic has forced us to make, but human touch is vitally important to our physical and mental wellbeing. Human beings have evolved to need touch, especially in times of high stress. And yet the pandemic has meant that many of us have given up both intimate and casual forms of touch, and those who are locked down alone haven’t hugged or touched anyone in almost a year."

Listen to the full interview here.



Tunnel of Oppression

The Department of Communication Studies is working with the Department of Housing and Residential Life to bring the interactive program Tunnel of Oppression to life.

The Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive program put on by multiple colleges and universities across the country. The experience is meant to place focus on issues related to diversity, while disrupting the stereotypes and frameworks that perpetuate them in society. Each year students and faculty from multiple departments and organizations work to highlight the issues prevalent in society and put on a program that educates the student population. The theme for this year’s program is “Amplify Their Voices.”

Dr. Jasmine T. Austin & Andronica Owens are organizing the event.



Dr. Jasmine T. Austin Co-Editing Special Issue in JACR

Dr. Jasmine T. Austin and Dr. Mark P. Orbe (Western Michigan University) are guest editors for a special issue in the Journal of Applied Communication Research. The proposed JACR special issue is designed to create an academic space that highlights applied communication research that centralizes race—and through intersectionality, other salient aspects of identity—in meaningful ways.