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Student Research

Jealousy Evocation: The Role of Commitment Level, Relational Satisfaction, and Relational Uncertainty as Predictors of Jealousy-Evoking Behaviors

Marissa Pytlak, Laura Zerega

Combating Homophobia in the Classroom: Homonegativity and the Student-Teacher Relationship

Austen Adair, Jonathan Stansbury

Dr. Marian L. Houser, Texas State University - San Marcos

The Cyber Factor: An Analysis of Relational Maintenance through the use of Computer-Mediated Communication

Marian L. Houser, Christina Fleuriet, Dawn Estrada

Understanding the Communicative Implications of Initial Impressions: A Longitudinal Test of Predicted Outcome of Value Theory

Sean M. Horan, DePaul University

Marian L. Houser

Improving the Basic Communication Course: Assessing the Core Components

Kristen LeBlanc and Dr. Marian L. Houser, Texas State University - San Marcos

Lori Vela, West Virginia University

Exploring Group Interaction in the Organizational Context: The Work Life - Family Life Connection

Seth S. Frei

An Exploration of Homosexual Males' Communication State Anxiety Interacting with Heterosexual Males: A Test of Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory

Mark A. Generous, Dr. Marian L. Houser