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Comm 1310

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COMM 1310

Communication 1310 is a required general education course. All Texas State undergraduate students must complete COMM 1310 or transfer in an equivalent course before graduating. COMM 1310 is offered every semester including both summer sessions. COMM 1310 focuses on human communication, which is the process of making sense out of the world and attempting to share that sense with others, through verbal and nonverbal messages. After completing COMM 1310 students will be able to:

  1. List, describe, and explain the five principles of human communication and identify how they are integrated into the interpersonal, small group/team, and presentational speaking contexts.

  2. Analyze and appropriately manage interpersonal conflict by using the five principles of human communication.

  3. Identify and describe appropriate adaptive messages in intercultural communication situations and demonstrate appropriate affective responses to intercultural communication interactions.

  4. Develop, organize, and deliver an informative presentation integrating the five principles into your presentation.

  5. Develop, organize, and deliver a persuasive presentation integrating the five principles into your presentation.

COMM 1310 is offered in a large lecture/lab format or in a small class setting. Courses are offered at several times and days throughout the week. Below you will find commonly asked questions about COMM 1310 with answers.


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  • To choose a Lecture and Lab combo, go to the “Look Up Classes” menu in the Self-Service/CatsWeb database. Pick the semester you want to register for, Communication Studies, 1310. The Lectures are listed in numbers and Labs are listed beginning with a “B” or an “L.” Once you pick which Lecture section you want, click on the blue CRN number/link and the next window will tell you which Lab you will need to select. After you know which Lab to select, choose and highlight the box beside the Lecture section and the box beside the Lab section, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Add.”


  • Yes, as long as you chose a Lab section that was listed with the Lecture section you chose, it will be fine. When you are in one you will not be in the other, you are never in lecture and lab on the same days. The daily schedule at the end of the syllabus tells you where you need to be (lecture or lab) each day.

    To view which Labs are matched with each Lecture, open up the Self-Service Banner homepage and click on “Class Schedule.” Search by current term, Subject: “Communication Studies.” Click on the blue CRN number/link and Labs are listed in the first line under the COMM 1310 Lecture listings (listed in blue).



  • As instructors get hired to teach each 1310 section, the Lecture and Labs will open. Until we have an instructor to teach the course, the sections will remain closed. Keep checking the system for newly opened 1310 sections.


  • To enroll in a closed class, you must first contact the class’ professor. If the professor gives you permission to join their class, a spot will be opened up for you under your student ID.


  • All advising appointments are made in the Fine Arts and Communication Advising Center; you can call the Advising Center at 512-245-1932.