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Graduate Program

Our program is one of the top Communication Studies Master’s programs in the country.

Theory and research in communication have the potential to improve nearly every element of human life. Communication Studies graduate students investigate communication processes impacting our personal, professional, and public lives. Our applied approach allows for students to explore research programs unique to their own interests. Our graduates pursue careers applying communication research in profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Some alumni pursue doctoral education at the country’s top Ph.D. programs. Students who are Graduate Instructional Assistants earn financial support during school, while taking part in a world-class teacher training program through our department’s Teaching & Learning Academy.


Lindsay Timmerman

Director of Graduate Studies:
Dr. Lindsay Timmerman

Associate Professor

Office Location: CENT 323
Phone: 512-245-1807

Chelsea Stockton

Graduate Studies Coordinator:
Chelsea Stockton

Administrative Assistant II

Office Location: CENT 205C
Phone: 512-245-2165