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Congratulations Spring 2020 Graduates!

The Department of Communication Studies congratulates our first graduating class of the decade! We know how hard you worked to achieve this goal and you set a new standard for your ability to overcome adversity. This semester was a tough one and you came through it with flying colors (maroon and gold, no doubt). We are fortunate to have an amazing group of alumni and are so proud that you have now joined their ranks. We look forward to celebrating with you again and again as you change the world for the benefit of all.

Class of 2020
Jorlanditha Austin (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Maureen Keeley)
Sean Dyhre (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Dailey)
Jason Galarza (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Rebekah Fox)
Alan Grant (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Ann Burnette)
"The Concentric Circles of Privileged Speech: How LeBron James Established the Standard of Communication for the American Black Athlete"
Katherine Head (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Kristen Farris)
Nancy Heise (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Josh Miller)
"Halsey's A Story Like Mine: Exploring Rhetorical Constraints for Muted Group Members and Reframing Rationality Expectations for Narratives About Muted Experiences"
Jade Hinnant (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Maureen Keeley)
Kelly Mainor (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Josh Miller)
Miguel Munoz (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Dailey)
Jaysen Sneed (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Roseann Mandziuk)
Michael Tahmoressi (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Eger)
Brooke Uptmore (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Dailey)
Luis Vasquez (MAPP Advisor: Dr. Maureen Keeley)


Our program is one of the top communication studies master’s programs in the country.

Theory and research in communication have the potential to improve nearly every element of human life. Communication Studies graduate students investigate communication processes impacting our personal, professional, and public lives. Our applied approach allows for students to explore research programs unique to their own interests. Our graduates pursue careers applying communication research in profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Some alumni pursue doctoral education at the country’s top Ph.D. programs. Students who are Graduate Instructional Assistants earn financial support during school, while taking part in a world-class teacher training program through our department’s Teaching & Learning Academy.

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Lindsay Timmerman

Director of Graduate Studies:
Dr. Lindsay Timmerman

Associate Professor

Office Location: CENT 323
Phone: 512-245-1807