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Mark Paz


B.B.A. Angelo State University, College of Business
M.A. Texas State University, Communication Studies

Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, COMM 1310

Office: Centennial Hall 320
Phone: 512.245.1364

About Mr. Paz

Hi! I'm Mark Paz II, and I am a lecturer in the Communication Studies Department. I earned my B.B.A. in Business Administration from Angelo State University and my M.A. in Communication Studies here at Texas State. My focus is on using communication to build strong relationships and good people, specifically through interpersonal communication and public speaking. During my time at Angelo State University, while I was getting my business degree, I noticed that my favorite classes we those that focused specifically on communication and how it can be used as a tool to develop relationships and improve all aspects of life, not just in the business world. That fire was ignited, so I chose to continue my education by earning my master’s degree in Communication Studies at Texas State. This decision could not have been a better one! I get the awesome opportunity to teach many sections of Communication 1310 - Fundamentals of Human Communication, as well as courses in Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. My goals are simple. Know my stuff. Connect with students. Speak well.  Make sure they know I care about them. That is how they learn. That is how they become better people.

Department/University Leadership and/or Service Roles

Presenter for G.I.F.T.S. Panel during the Communication Studies Teaching and Learning Academy for incoming Graduate Instructional Assistants. I discussed the importance of creating immediacy with students and being genuinely yourself in your teaching style.

Two-Time TEDx Speaker Coach at Texas State University’s TEDX Events

Communication Week Volunteer

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of incoming freshmen and transfer students about how to succeed in college during CAT CAMP, a spirit and traditions camp designed to instill Bobcat Pride in our students.

Courses Taught

COMM 1310: Fundamentals of Human Communication
COMM 2315: Interpersonal Communication

COMM 2338: Public Speaking

Representative Publications

“Communication as Treatment For Living: Communication Satisfaction and Active Patient Behavior as Predictors of Treatment Compliance” Paper presented at the 2008 ECA Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Are you Going to Answer That?: The Impact of Cell Phone Use on Relational Satisfaction” Paper presented at the 2009 ECA Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.