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Lindsay Timmerman

Lindsay Timmerman

Associate Professor & Graduate Studies Director

B.A. UW-Milwaukee
M.A. UW-Milwaukee
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Relational Communication, Family Communication, Dark Side of Communication

Office: Centennial Hall 323
Phone: 512.245.1807

About Dr. Lindsay Timmerman

Lindsay Timmerman joins the Communication Studies faculty as an Associate Professor. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. Lindsay teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Interpersonal Communication, Marital & Family Communication, Communication & Emotion, and the Dark Side of Close Relationships. Her research centers around close relationships, specifically focusing on stigmatized disclosure, long-distance relationships (including military marriage), family secrets, and under-studied close relationships. Lindsay’s research appears in Communication Monographs, Communication Research Reports, Southern Communication Journal, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Family Relations, Communication Studies, and various edited books. 

Representative Publications

Kartch, F., & Timmerman, L. M. (2015). Nonresidential parenting and new media technologies: A double-edged sword. In Bruess, C. J. (Ed.), Family communication in the age of digital and social media (pp. 447-468). New York: Peter Lang.

Sahlstein, E., Maguire, K., & Timmerman, L. (2009). Contradictions and praxis conceptualized by wartime deployment: Wives’ perspectives revealed through relational dialectics. Communication Monographs, 76, 421-442.

Timmerman, L. M. (2006). Family care vs. day care: Effects on children. In B. Gayle, R. Preiss, N. Burrell, & M. Allen (Eds.), Classroom communication and instructional processes: Advances through meta-analysis (pp. 245-260). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Dindia, K., Timmerman, L. M., Langan, E., Sahlstein, E., & Quandt, J. (2004). The function of holiday greetings in maintaining relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 21, 577-593.

Timmerman, L. M. (2002). Comparing the production of power in language on the basis of sex. In M. Allen, R. Preiss, B. Gayle, & N. Burrell (Eds.), Interpersonal communication: Advances through meta-analysis (pp. 73-88). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Vangelisti, A. L., Caughlin, J. P., & Timmerman, L. M. (2001). Criteria for revealing family secrets. Communication Monographs, 68, 1-27.

Recent Awards, Funding, and/or Recognition

Selected for the National Communication Association Mid-Career Scholar’s Writing Retreat, Chapman University, June 2017