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dr. rebekah fox


Dr. Rebekah Fox

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Purdue University, Communication
M.A. University of Arkansas, Communication

B.A. University of Arkansas, Communication

*Health Services Research and Development Associated Post-Doctoral Fellow Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, Indianapolis, Indiana

Office: Centennial Hall 316
Phone: 512.245.1358

Fox Vita (DOCX, 139 KB)

About Dr. Fox

Dr. Fox's research falls into three categories; 1) organizational rhetoric, with a focus on power, control and learning in organizations, 2) health communication with a focus on the U.S. nursing shortage and nursing work, and 3) the rhetoric of social movements, with foci in environmental rhetoric, freedom of expression, and political communication.

Dr. Fox has authored or co-authored peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, as well as presented over 45 regional, national, and international conference presentations.  Her work appears in Environmental Communication:  A Journal of Nature and Culture, Food Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, American Journal of Nursing, Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric, Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Journal of Patient Intelligence, Health Communication, the Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics, Society and Natural Resources, First Amendment Studies, and the International Journal of Wildland Fire. 

Dr. Fox teaches graduate courses in Organizational Rhetoric, Free Speech and Extremism, Critical Health Communication, and Rhetorical Methods.  She also teaches courses in Rhetorical Criticism, Persuasion, Organizational Rhetoric and Environmental Communication at the undergraduate level.

Dr. Fox is also a member of the faculty cadre for the Learning From Unintended Outcomes Annual Training for the US Forest Service National Advanced Fire Resource Institute (NAFRI), and serves as a Technical Specialist in Communication, for Fire Safety out of Region 8.  She also serves on the Capital Area Fire Adapted Communities Coalition, Education and Outreach Task Force.

Courses Taught

COMM 5343-Organizational Rhetoric and Resilience
COMM 5343-Critical Health Communication

COMM 5323-Graduate Rhetorical Methods
COMM 5374-Organizational Rhetoric
COMM 5343-Free Speech and Extremism
COMM 4323-Undergraduate Organizational Rhetoric
COMM 4331-Persuasion
COMM 3302-Rhetorical Criticism
COMM 33180-Environmental Communication

Representative Publications

Fox, R., Gabor, E., Thomas, D., Ziegler, J., & Black, A. (2017). Cultivating a reluctance to simplify:  exploring the radio communication context in wildland firefighting.  International Journal of Wildland Fire, 26, 719-731. DOI: 10.1071/WF16166

Frye, J. & Fox, R. L. (2015). The Rhetorical Construction of Food Waste in
US Public Discourse.  Food Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 5(4), 43-57.

Thomas, D., Fox, R. L.), Miller, C. (2015). Voices from the field: Wildland fire managers and high reliability organizing mindfulnessSociety and Natural Resources, 28(8) 825-838. DOI:10.1080/08941920.2015.1014590

Fox, R. L. (RA)  & Burnette, A. E. (TX) (2013). Reframing corporations as individuals:  The “persuasive marvels” unleashed by the Citizens United ruling.  First Amendment Studies, DOI: 10.1080/21689725.2013.852796

Fox, R. L. (RA), Abrahamson, K. A., & Anderson, J. (2013).  Exploring a Nursing Community On-line:  A Breadth of Topics and a Depth of Understanding.  International Journal of Reliable and Quality e-Healthcare, 2(1), 51-62.

Recent Awards, Funding, and/or Recognition

Dr. Fox was awarded the Janice Hocker Rushing Early Career Research Award from the Southern States Communication Association in 2014 and the James Madison Prize for top publication in the Freedom of Speech Division in the same year.  Her interdisciplinary research team focused on nurse communication training was selected as the winners of the first Co-Search research startup weekend in 2015.  Most recently, Dr. Fox was invited to deliver the keynote address Building Credibility:  Communicating Among Partners, to the Fire and Aviation Leadership Team Meeting, Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management/Region 6 & 10 Forest Service, 2017. 

Dr. Fox has also received internal and external grant support from Texas State University/Research Enhancement Program, Austin Community Foundation/City of Austin, US Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management Fire and Aviation Directorate/National Interagency Fire Center/Joint Fire Science Program.

Media Mentions, Public Scholarship, and More

Fox, R. L.  & Snyder, D. (2017).  Rapid Extraction Module Support, Rapid Lessons Sharing, Wildland Lessons Learned Center, United States Forest Service, Region 6.

Snyder, D. & Fox, R. L. (2017).  Jade Creek Fire Tree Strike, Rapid Lessons Sharing, Wildland Lessons learned Center, United States Forest Service, Region 6.

Co-Author, Malheur, OR Post-Illegal Occupation After Action Learning Review, United States Fish And Wildlife Service, May 21st-28th, 2017.

Co-Author, Managing Aggressive Kindness, Rapid Lessons Sharing, Wildland Lessons learned Center, United States Forest Service Southern Region, 2017.

Co-Author, Risk Mitigation vs. Risk Transfer, Rapid Lessons Sharing, Wildland Lessons learned Center, United States Forest Service Southern Region, 2017.