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Dr. Elizabeth Eger

Elizabeth Eger

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Communication
M.A. Arizona State University, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

B.A. University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Communication
B.A. University of Colorado Boulder, Department of English

Organizational Communication, Difference and Communication, and Work & Identity

Office: Centennial Hall 328
Phone: 512.245.7823

About Dr. Elizabeth K. Eger

Dr. Elizabeth K. Eger is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Studies Department at Texas State University. She obtained her PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder where she also received graduate certificates in Critical Theory and in Women and Gender Studies. Dr. Eger teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Organizational Communication, Qualitative Methods, Gender and Communication, and Work, Identity, and Difference. Her research examines how we understand ourselves in relationship to work, how communication of difference impacts our organizational, health, and life experiences, and how collectives create organizational identities. Her ongoing research explores difference-based organizing, including long-term ethnographies of a transgender outreach center and a computing camp for girls of color. For five years before joining Texas State, Dr. Eger worked as a researcher for the National Center of Women and Information Technology to advance the meaningful participation of women and underrepresented people in IT careers and education. Her research appears in Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, and the third edition of The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Communication.

Department/University Leadership and/or Service

Communication Studies Graduate Association Advisor

University Mentor, Houston-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Scholars Program. (October 2018-Present).

Member, Queer Studies Minor Committee. (August 2018-Present).

Member, Orientation and Mentorship Committee. (May 2018-Present).

University Mentor, HASTAC Scholars Faculty Mentor. (October 2017-Present).

Member, Department Scholarship Committee, Communication Studies, Texas State University. (September 2017-Present).

Member, Undergraduate Curricula Task Force, Communication Studies, Texas State University. (September 2017-Present).

Courses Taught

COMM 3319: Organizational Communication
COMM 3328: Communication and Gender
COMM 5303: Qualitative Research Methods in Communication

COMM 5319: Organizational Communication
COMM 5325: Work, Identity, and Difference

Representative Publications

Eger, E.K. (2018). Transgender jobseekers navigating closeting communication. Management Communication Quarterly, 32(2), 276-281. (Invited and refereed by editor). doi: 10/1177/0893318917740226

Ashcraft, C., Eger, E.K., & Scott, K. (2017). Becoming technosocial change agents: Intersectionality and culturally responsive pedagogies as vital resources for increasing girls’ participation in computing. Anthropology and Education Quarterly,
(3), 233-251. doi:

Eger, E.K. (2017). Brainstorming and creating requisite diversity. Scholar Spotlight essay contribution to Interorganizational collaboration: Ethics and skills for diverse groups and communities (Eds. Heath, R.G., & Isbell, M.G.). Long Grove: Waveland Press, Inc.

Ashcraft, C., McClain, B., & Eger, E.K. (2016). Women in tech: The facts. Boulder, CO: National Center for Women & Information Technology. Available at:

Alvarez, W., Bauer, J., & Eger, E.K. (2015). (Making a) difference in the organizational communication undergraduate course. Management Communication Quarterly, 29, 302-308. doi: 10.1177/0893318915571352

Deetz, S.A., & Eger, E.K. (2014). Developing a metatheoretical perspective for organizational communication studies. In L.L. Putnam & D. Mumby (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of organizational communication: Advances in theory, research, and methods (3rd ed.) (pp. 27-48). Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Tracy, S.J., Eger, E.K., Huffman, T.P., Malvini Redden, S., & Scarduzio, J. (2014). Narrating the backstage of qualitative research in organizational communication: A synthesis. Management Communication Quarterly, 28(3), 423-432. doi:10.1177/0893318914536964.

Recent Awards, Funding, and/or Recognition

2017 Top Three Faculty Paper, "Transgender Women Job Seekers Navigating Employment Discrimination and Closeting Communication" in the LGBTQ Division at the National Communication Association conference in Dallas, Texas.

2015 Graduate Fellow Funding, Center to Advance Research and Teaching in the Social Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder ($1,000)

2013 Top Student Paper, Organizational Communication Division, Western States Communication Association

2012  Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, Rocky Mountain Communication Association

2011 Outstanding Master's Thesis Award, Master’s Education Section, National Communication Association

Media Mentions, Public Scholarships, and More

Featured in Texas State transfer story Summer 2018:

Eger, E.K. (2016, April 28). Reducing unconscious bias towards women in IT. Invited national webinar speaker for CompTIA, an IT channel organization. Webinar recording available on demand at:

Eger, E.K. (2015, October 7). Maximize your IT career with mentoring and sponsorship: An AWIT webinar. Invited national webinar speaker for CompTIA.