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Employers - Posting an Internship Position

Is your organization looking for an intern?
We want to hear from you!

Do you need an intern for your business or nonprofit organization? We can help you find a student to work with you!  The first step is to provide information about your needs.

Employers seeking interns for a semester or multiple semesters may request to have a posting on our Internship website. Dr. Michael Burns, the internship coordinator, will review your posting to be sure we have all required information and we will either inform you of missing information or that your position has been posted.


It will be helpful if you can provide the following information in your job description written under your company logo:

1.  Job title

2.  Location of internship

3.  Paid or unpaid

4.  Responsibilities or activities involved

5.  Number of hours the intern would be required to work each    week

6.  Any skills or experience you would require or prefer the applicant to have

7.  How to apply for the position and what to include with the application



Please complete the contact information below about your organization.

Are you interested in your intern being able to earn college credit for their experience?  Additional Information for Employers who want to review the requirements for internships completed for course credit can be found here or contact Sue Stewart ( to find out more about Comm Studies interns looking for placement.