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Information for Employers

Eligibility for students

Students who are majoring in Communication Studies or who have a minor in Communication Studies, Political Communication. Health Communication or Leadership and are classified as juniors or seniors are eligible to enroll in COMM 4390  - Communication Internship the course for three hours credit for approved internships.

Getting approval for your internship

  • The Internship Coordinator, Sue Stewart, must approve the internship position. The employer is asked to prepare a job description and complete the form here. Responsibilities must be beyond the scope of the "average” part-time or temporary job.
  • The internship must be scheduled for a minimum of 10 weeks and 150 job hours during the fall or spring semester or 5 weeks and 150 job hours during the summer.
  • The internship may be either full-time or part-time.
  • The internship may be either paid or non-paid.  The student and the supervising company will determine this.

Working the internship coordinator

In addition to the work requirements of their internship, there is an academic component that calls for three monthly progress reports, which include information, reflection and research.  We ask that you work with your interns(s) on these projects:

  1. Setting 3-4 goals for the intern to complete over the course of their internship.
  2. Signing time sheets documenting the hours worked.
  3. Complete a mid term and final performance evaluation and share the results with the intern.  These evaluations will constitute approximately 40% of the intern’s grade.  (Forms will be provided.)

The supervisor is asked to be available for a midterm visit, either in-person or by phone, with the Internship Coordinator and the intern.

Need more information?

For any other questions you may have or to discuss a specific opportunity, please contact Sue Stewart at