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Communication Studies Internship Program


Completing an internship while in college is the best way to gain industry experience before you graduate. Though an internship is not required of Communication Studies majors and minors, it is highly recommended. Finding an internship takes time. We recommend that you start researching internship opportunities at least one year before the semester you want to complete an internship. Many students choose to earn course credit for their internships. The Department of Communication Studies offers an internship course (COMM 4390) for students who are interested in earning credit and also meet course prerequisites. Review the information on this website to learn more about finding internships and signing up for COMM 4390.


If you are an employer looking for interns please visit our Employer Information website.


Please contact Dr. Michael Burns ( if you have any questions regarding internships.


How do I find an Internship?

There are many ways to find an internship but it does take time. Many organizations hire months out, so it is best to start researching early. Here are some suggestions on where to start:

  • Texas State allows employers to post internship opportunities on Jobs4Cats powered by Handshake. Follow the instructions on this website to create a Handshake account and start your search.
  • Set up an appointment to meet with the College of Fine Arts and Communication Career Advisor through Career Services.  
  • Utilize your network. Ask your family and friends who they know in the communication field and reach out to them to have a conversation about what they do and ask for advice on seeking out internships.
  • Go directly to the websites of organizations you would like to intern for and see if they have postings or contact them directly to ask about internship opportunities.
  • Utilize internship postings on popular career websites like these:,,,,,,
  • Create a LinkedIn account and start reaching out to Texas State alumni. Bobcats love helping other Bobcats.


If I find an internship how do I get permission to take COMM 4390?

Step 1: Find and secure a communication internship

Step 2: Review prerequisites and requirements for COMM 4390 and talk to your academic advisor.

Step 3: If you meet the prerequisites and the course fits your degree plan, complete the

COMM 4390 Online Application. You will be contacted by Dr. Burns within 5-10

days after submitting your application.

Step 4: If approved, you will receive permission to add COMM 4390 and you will

complete your class registration yourself.


For more information about internships, please contact:

Dr. Michael Burns

Senior Lecturer & Director of Career Readiness

Office Location: Centennial Hall 321

Phone: 512.245.5472