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How Do I Apply?

1. Review prerequisites and requirements.

Make sure you have consulted with your Academic Advisor.

2. Identify an appropriate internship opportunity. 

Several opportunities are listed in our internship postings. Other sites you may want to utilize are Jobs4Cats,,, Glassdoor, USA,, LinkedIn, and

3. Complete the Online Application

You will be cleared to register for the course if you meet the prerequisites. You will be advised via Email of the status of your application within 5 - 10 days of your submission.

It is recommended that you register for a "place holder" until you are approved to register for COMM 4390. In the even your plans change, you will have registered for a course that fulfills the requirements of your degree plan.

4. Register for COMM 4390

Once you receive approval, it is still your responsibility to complete the class registration yourself; the approval does not automatically enroll you; it just removes the restriction so you can complete your registration.

2019 Comm Studies Student Internship Program Information

The Communication Internship Program is available to a select group of Comm Studies majors or minors. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Comm Studies Internship Program.

What are the prerequisites of an internship?

  • Communication Studies full major or minor status

  • Health Communication minor

  • Political Communication minor

  • Leadership minor
  • Junior or Senior status

  • Completed at least 6 hours in upper level Communication electives with a grade of C (You can apply in the semester you are completing these hours.)

  • Good academic standing

  • Permission of the instructor to register

Overview of the internship experience:

This course is an online course designed to be a blend of work experience and the application of the skills, concepts and theories you have learned in your courses and research.

The course is primarily conducted online but there will be a face to face orientation session at the beginning of the semester and individual meetings/consultations as scheduled or required.

An internship consists of supervised on-the-job work by a student in order to  qualify for three upper level credit hours. Internship work may be part time or full time, paid or unpaid, and must occur during the academic year. Internship work must allow students to perform professional tasks with a definite communication focus and opportunities for direct application of classroom knowledge and skills. 

The primary goals of student internships include:

  • Acquiring first-hand knowledge about the field of work.

  • Exploring new professional activities and relationships.

  • Applying classroom knowledge and skills to the work environment.

  • Experiencing problems and contributing to solutions in the field. Learning by doing.

What are the requirements during your internship?

  • Complete a minimum of 150 hours at work on your internship

  • Working with your employer to identify learning and experiential goals

  • Attendance at scheduled meetings/consultations throughout the semester

  • Two formal evaluations by your supervisor

  • Written Progress Reports and a Final Portfolio highlighting your work and research related to your internship

FOR MORE INFORMATION see Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about internships, please contact: