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Comm Studies Online Events!

Welcome to a repository of all events and outreach conducted by the Department of Communication Studies. These events cover items from diversity and inclusion to events that would normally be held in person if not for the pandemic. Take some time to browse our offerings and see our commitment to bettering learning and instruction in the online age. Keep an eye on the homepage for information about department online events.

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  • Comm & Diversity

    Event Speakers:

    Goyland Williams: Is a PHD cantidate in Communication Studies at U-Mass where he is a R.E.A.L fellow and Du Bois graduate fellow. He specializes in rhetoric and performance studies. His research is situated in Black Studies, Social Movement and Africana Critical Theories.

    Dillon Nettles: Is a deep southern organizer, policy strategist, and legislative analyst based in Montgomery, Alabama. A native of the state, Dillon currently serves as policy and advocacy director of the ACLU of Alabama.

    Event Information:

    Event Date/Time: March 26th 2021 from 2:00pm -> 4:00pm

    Event Location: Zoom