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dr. sean horan

Dr. Sean Horan

Associate Professor

B.A. & M.A. Texas State University, Ph.D. West Virginia University
Organizational Communication, Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication

Office: Centennial Hall 315
Phone: 512.245.2165

About Dr. Horan

Dr. Sean Horan believes that relationships are an incredible amount of work, and much of that work involves communication. This explains why he is passionate about teaching communication and exposing students to research that, ideally, improves their daily interactions. To that end, he teaches a variety of courses here, including A Biosocial Approach to Communication, the Dark Side of Communication, Research Methods, and Health Communication.

Dr. Horan examines close relationships focusing on a number of factors including deception, affection, deceptive affection, initial impressions/attraction, and dark side issues in relationships. Most of his work centers around Affection Exchange, Work-Life Border, and Predicted Outcome Value theories. For example, he examines how, why, and the implications of communicators utilizing affection deceptively via expressions of deceptive affectionate messages and/or withholding affection. Additionally, he explores the communicative implications of workplace romance—a situation where work and life domains are blended. His current research interests focus on communication surrounding safe-sex/risk behaviors and substance use. Sean was identified as the 15th most published researcher and 21st most central communication scholar between the years 2007-2011. He delivered the 2016 Dean's Seminar and will deliver the 2017 Presidential Seminar.

Following five years at DePaul University in Chicago, Dr. Horan returned to Texas State University in 2014. He writes a monthly series for Psychology Today titled Adventures in Dating. His original research has been the subject of various (inter)national media stories featured in the Times of India, Axapneε (Greece), Africa News Post, Fox News, Quo (Spain & Mexico), Men’s Health, and Cosmopolitan, among others. Likewise, his expert commentary has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, The Washington Post, and the Daily News. Beyond reviewing for various journals, he is an active member of the National Communication Association, Eastern Communication Association, and the International Association for Relationship Research.

Psychology Today - Adventures in Dating: