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Frequently Asked Questions from students

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What are the best reasons to participate in an internship?

Top Ten Reasons to consider an Internship:

  1.  Acquire hands-on experience applying classroom knowledge on the job
  2. Verify career and degree choice
  3. Network with decision makers and business professionals
  4. Possibility of permanent employment
  5. Provides opportunity for resume building
  6. Reduce shock of entering workplace after graduation
  7. Possibility of more rapid advancement and higher salary than non-intern candidates
  8. Strengthen graduate school admission application
  9. Develop interviewing and job search skills
  10. Receive course credit towards Texas State degree

What are the prerequisites?

Students must be a junior or senior and declared as one of the following:

• Communication Studies Major or Minor

• Political Communication Minor

• Health Communication Minor

• Leadership Minor

You must have completed a minimum of 6 hours in 3000- 4000 level Communication courses with a grade of C or better. 

If you have not completed the required 6 hours prior to the semester you apply, you can gain provisional approval so long as you meet the requirement prior to the start of the semester you are completing your internship.

What do I need to know about the course?

Internships provide valuable experience.   You can complete an internship for experiential credit or course credit.  

Experiential credit means you complete your internship under the terms you agree to with an organization.  You DO NOT need to register for the course and you do NOT receive a grade or course credit. 

Course credit means you DO need to register for the course and meet the academic and work requirements to receive three hours of upper level elective credit for completing the course.

To get credit for the internship course (COMM 4390), you will need to apply for the course, be approved to register, locate an internship that is approved for the program, get hired for your internship position, and complete the academic requirements. 

COMM 4390 - Communication Internship - is a three hour elective for which you receive a grade (A-F).  You will want to talk to your advisor about how it fits into your Degree Plan.  Tuition and fees are charged for the internship class just as for all other online courses.

This is an online course.  You are required to attend a face to face orientation meeting with an option for a face to face midterm meeting.   All assignments and course activities are online.

You are required to work a minimum of 150 hours over the semester at your internship.  It is recommended that interns enroll in only 3 additional courses (9 hours) during a fall or spring internship or 1 additional course each session during a summer internship.

Grades for the course are based on both your work activities, evaluations from your supervisor and your academic assignments.

The course is closed. How do I get permission to register?

You will need to apply to Sue Stewart, Internship Director to be approved to register for COMM 4390.  The link to the application is here.

Once your application has been received, you will receive a response via Email within 5 - 10 days.

How can I find an internship?

Here are some sources for internship listings:


our Internship postings page

Mass Communications Internship site

Department of Marketing internship site

Other useful sites include


Another approach is to look on the website of an organization you are interested in working with to see if they have internships posted.

You are responsible for locating and being approved for your internship.  You will submit your resume or application to the companies you are interested in just like you would if you are applying for a job.

All internships must be approved by the Internship Director to ensure they meet the course requirements.   If you are considering a specific position, you may want to Email the director for feedback.

How am I graded as an intern?

There are two separate components of the course that make up your grade:

1.  Your evaluations from your supervisor at your internship completed at mid term and end of your internship tenure.

2. Written progress reports and a final portfolio of work that are turned in to your instructor in COMM 4390.

All assignments and evaluations add points to your grade, as follows:

900 - 1000 = A                        800-899 = B

700- 799 = C                           600  - 699 = D

Below 600 is a failing grade.

This course is an upper level  elective that equates to 3 credit hours for successful completion.